Cloud Computing Basics Certification


Earn an OnCloud Certification in Cloud Computing Basics

  • 1- Traditional Computing Challenges and Concerns
  • 1-Traditional Computing Challenges and Concerns (clone)
  • Test-Traditional Computing Challenges and Concerns (clone)
  • 2 - Cloud Computing Benefits
  • 2-Cloud Computing Benefits (clone)
  • Test-Cloud Computing Benefits (clone)
  • 3-What Is Cloud Computing
  • 3-What is Cloud Computing.pdf
  • Test-What is cloud computing? (clone)
  • 4-Cloud Use Cases and Examples
  • 4-Cloud Use Cases and Examples
  • Test-Cloud Computing Use Cases and Examples (clone)
  • 6-Cloud Computing Frameworks (clone)
  • 6-Cloud Computing Frameworks (clone)
  • Test-Cloud Computing Frameworks (clone)
  • 5 - Cloud Pilot Service Model Selection
  • 5 - Cloud Pilot Service Model Selection.pdf
  • Test-Service Model Selection (clone)
  • 6-Cloud Pilot Deployment Model Selection-online
  • 6 - Cloud Pilot Deployment Model Selection.pdf
  • Test-Deployment Model Selection (clone)
  • 6-Buying Cloud Services (clone)
  • 6-Buying Cloud Services.pdf (clone)
  • Test-Buying Cloud Services (clone)
  • Test-Cloud Computing Basics Certification Final Test (clone)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever